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This is an unprecedented time, so lets give time what we can.

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We are in urgent need of funds to support our efforts to reach vulnerable people across the city.


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We are eager to identify skilled volunteers with current DBS checks. Please do register if you are skilled, healthy and with DBS.



Today we are facing unprecedented challenges. We want motivated people to help us raise funds to continue our work.

About us

Our Mission Is To Unite Civil Society and Build A City Better For All.

The Bradford Foundation Trust, emerged through efforts of the Faith Centre, and a series of civil society actors coming together for a greater good. Inspired by the Islamic tradition, the organisation has united people of all faiths and none, to bring to life a wider and more diverse community spirit. The Prophet  Muhammad, Upon Whom be Peace said: “The best companion in the sight of God is the one who is best to his companion, and the best neighbor in the sight of God is the one who is the best to his neighbor.”

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Food Box Campaign

We are currently collecting funds to deliver food ration packs for vulnerable families. Please contribute toward essential food supplies.

Crisis Cash Campaign

We are currently collecting funds to provide emergency cash to those in financial distress and unable to work. Please contribute toward this fund.

Service Costs Campaign

We are a very a small team trying to serve the community with volunteers. We have costs to ensure we can keep our premises and service running. All contributions are welcomed.

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Our workstreams

Our Key Workstreams

Over the last five years we have worked tirelessly to serve the needy in the city. Our expertise has been in serving those who have the highest vulnerability from refugees, women fleeing violence and those with failed immigration status. We persevere in this regard, and are now working with wider partners on responding to the reality of COVID-19.

Community Access To Agency Partners

Food for Hungry Families

Cash for Needy Families

Support for Vulnerable People

Start Giving, Enjoy Living

Join a fraternity that is there to serve.

We are actively seeking good people to join our agile team. We believe the key to successful community work, is open and transparent engagement. We work with diverse parts of the community and seek to genuinely reflect the people we seek to serve. We have a host of opportunities for those individuals who are motivated, compassionate, ethical and driven to make Bradford a better place for all.

The Bradford Foundation Trust is proud to confirm our Zakat management policy is verified and checked by the most senior of scholars in Bradford and is endorsed by the prestigious Markaz al-Iftāʾ wa’l-Qaḍāʾ.
You Can Download A Copy of Our Certification HERE.

What Our Partners Say

The work that people do here has such an impact, sometimes in their most darkest hour, that the people here really are angels.

Alex Brazier, Bank of England.

Without the support from The Faith Centre we would seriously struggle in moving people on. They ensures the basic furniture is in the property for when client is moving. They also assist the clients with settling in their new home.
Renata Nemcova, Horton Housing.

When the Trust has become involved, we know that families will be able to make it through that difficult financial time, and not have to worry about the basics of existence, but can focus on how to prepare for their future and become in a more stable position.

Christy Bischoff, Refugee Action

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